Tikka Mehandi Designs

Tikka Mehandi Designs

Make way through the most attractive collection of Tikka Mehandi Designs, distinctively chosen for those looking for Tikka henna pattern. The circular tikka design that stands alone with pride against the palm is a classic beauty, good enough for all occasions to be the perfect mehandi choice.

Mehandi patterns can be from anything and everything. That large a dizzying number of patterns. But, the most ancient and beloved patterns is the ‘Tikka’. The central large round spot of mehandi, surrounded by smaller dots, was the easiest pattern that women and men sought to before the use of mehandi cones. When it was just the henna paste, the tikka was good enough to serve the purpose. Later, however, after the mehandi cones came in, it became easier to make complicated and detailed mehandi patterns.

No matter how far we have come from mehandi paste in a bowl, the tikka design hasn’t died out. Time has found its way to elaborate around the tikka. With a new face and plentiful ideas, the tikka mehandi design is always a show stopper! Tikka design is nothing but a large circular design in the centre of the palm. The recent trend is, filling this circular outline with complicated mehandi designs, using the circle as an outline to sketch a floral design, etc.

The imagination is all yours. The most advantageous benefit of the tikka pattern is the authority it takes over the hand (and feet, if you would like to try the pattern on feet as well). The central position that the design takes a lot of negative space around it makes the bold move to draw all eyes on it. Tikka mehandi design draws all attention to it, with its size and position. It is then of no doubt, that tikka patterns are popular patterns in classical dance recitals (as henna or alta) and in weddings.

Apart from the enhancement to the ground idea of tikka, the other development in the mehandi design is, tikka pattern is not circular alone. The shape has changed to hearts, diamond, square, and even a blazing sun like pattern. No matter what the change might be, the tikka never fails to attract the heart of mehandi lovers, quite evident from the welcome it receives in every generation.