Pakistani Mehandi Designs

Pakistani Mehandi Designs

Intricate and detailed henna patterns filled with cultural beauty that reflect the tradition are characteristics of Pakistani Mehandi Designs. If you are looking for some exquisite and exaggerated henna pattern that reflects Pakistani tradition, this collection is for you.

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The origin of mehandi art dates back to the ancient Middle Eastern traditions, and also in some South Asian and African regions. The original form of body art has now taken shape into a decorative art (on a majority scale). In terms of the most stylish and elegant designs, after the popular Arabic mehandi, Pakistani mehandi art takes the next place.

The unique feature of Pakistani mehandi is the variations of the patterns, which is quite different from the usual or commonly seen ones. Even the most familiar flowers and tendrils are sketched differently in shaded patterns. The curves, twirls and twists are important here. There is a good amount of appreciation of the negative spaces, of blanks and gaps to make the pattern stand out.

Disproportionate and out of focal placement of predominate shapes in the pattern (if any), is also a key feature of Pakistani mehandi art. The highlight is the ethnicity is the culture that it reveals. The mehandi art also brings out the cultural heritage of the Middle Eastern region with the choice of patterns.

The most widely used motif in Pakistani design is floral design and minimalism. The motifs are kept simple and less on detailing within the outline (like in the case of Rajastani mehandi). Black or shaded patterns are a preferred choice in this category. Here the focus is the larger picture. Take a look at our special gallery here to find the best Pakistani mehandi designs.