Bridal Mehandi

Celebrate every custom and ideology behind Bridal Mehandi on the most memorable day and auspicious day of your life. Learn more about the reason behind the inclusion of Bridal Mehandi and take a look at our breathtaking collection of Bridal Mehandi art.

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No Indian bride’s attire is complete without mehandi. Lately, it can be noticed that irrespective of religion a good majority of Indian brides have beautifully adapted mehandi into their wedding ceremony. The most celebrated and intricate designs come along with bridal mehandi. The ancient Mughal tradition of the henna application on hands has become a customary practice in the South Asian regions. Apart from the scientific and ideological benefits of applying mehandi during wedding ceremonies, bridal mehandi is also a beauty factor. The red blush of the bride’s face is said to be a reflection of her red mehandi filled hands and feet.

The patterns used in bridal or wedding mehandi has no one particular rule. It changes according to each bride’s preference. However, most brides prefer to have their hands full! The entire length of the hands is covered with attractive neatly-drawn mehandi motifs. The motifs and designs are mostly filled with large and small flowers, hearts, leaves, paisleys (mango or twisted teardrop-like pattern), faces of king and queen or bride and groom (which you can exclusively find under our Dulhan mehandi section), name of the groom camouflaged along with the design (and, later the sad groom is asked to find his hidden name), split mandala, tikka, peacock, etc. Whatever the mehandi design might be, it is made sure to be done with perfection and filled with intricate and delicate patterns.

The contemporary brides love to experiment; in their attire, make-up, hairstyle, wedding decoration, etc., therefore, why not in mehandi? They select the latest mehandi patterns by sticking to minimalistic designs, opting for creeper like floral designs that are colored or done using glitters are the newest ways in which brides love to deck their hands. Mehandi designs for the feet are done to imitate the mehandi motifs of the hand. Not to forget, it is all about the bride and her most auspicious and memorable day, and mehandi is a ceremony which she would fondly recall as well. No matter if the mehandi designs done are traditional or trendy, any mehandi on a bride’s hands and feet, are beyond elegance.