Special Mehandi Designs

Special Mehandi Designs

Our unique collection of Special Mehandi Designs contains mehandi patterns that are sketched including a bit of sparkle and magic. Find here henna patterns sketched with glitters, stone bindis, crystals, attractive colours, and more from the world of creativity!

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Decorative mehandi designs are in! And not with colours alone, but with the newest ideas to make the mehandi design on hand and feet look attractive. Under this category, find your choice of the mehandi design to suit your special occasion.

Mehandi designs are not all about the blacks and greens alone, it is also about the colours and a bit of sparkle added with it. Coloured mehandi paste, mehandi paste with glitters are the best alternatives to the greenish black mehandi paste. Although this combination lacks the healing properties of the mehandi leaves itself, the colours and glitter are once in a while use for special occasions. Mehandi art is done by adding coloured stones, crystals, sparkling bindi and stickers, to bring more life to the design. This easy to do method has been the latest eye-catcher at weddings. For those who wish to keep the pattern simple, but bold enough to stand out- this is your answer.

It is essential to also remember that there are certain techniques to be followed while settling in for coloured mehandi patterns. If adding glitters and other accessories is also the intention, please note that the pattern you choose is crucial. Glittered mehandi designs, can do its best job only when the design allows it to. Intricate closely knit mehandi designs does not work here. It is necessary to have designs that have sufficient negative places, blank spots, and expose the hand’s skin enough to complement the colour.

The blank spaces will enhance the beauty of the coloured glitter filled pattern across your skin. Bold designs, large flowers, tendrils, are few of the wise choices to pick for colourful mehandi designs. If stickers are your choice, make space where they would best accommodate within the mehandi pattern. Mehandi is an art and knows only creativity. Take your time to experiment with the new ways of making it lively and gorgeous !