Peacock Mehandi Designs

Peacock Mehandi Designs

The common yet fond motif that adds beauty to every henna pattern has been specially fit into one collection- Peacock Mehandi Designs. This collection has Peacock motifs that are traditional, modern, artistic and simple; perfect to suit everyone’s search.

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Animal motifs have been an integral part of body art for a long time now. Tribal cultures lay a huge importance to animal motifs when it comes to body painting and body tattooing. Likewise, the same applies to mehandi designs. Henna patterns have also adapted to bring in animal motifs into them. Elephants dressed for bridal march and peacock is the most famous and common ones. Peacock motifs in mehandi are the most widely preferred design, especially in the Indian subcontinent.

Owing to the prestige and respect the peacock gains as a national symbol, the inclusion of the peacock as a predominant feature in a mehandi pattern, brings up an ethnic emotion into the henna pattern. The long and slender neck of the peacock is the space to bring in complex and detailed designs. The highlight, however, is, the rich plumage! The outstanding characteristic, the peacock’s feathers, provides enough room to sketch the best mehandi art.

Peacock pattern is suitable for all occasions. It can be easily accommodated into the design. You can either reserve space for it on the palm or in the later end of the forearm design. Foot mehandi designs have also brought in the contemporary peacock motif within them.

As a way of breaking the preset norm that, sketching a peacock in the mehandi pattern is only possible by the experts, the contemporary peacock comes with simplicity and ease. It conveys the fact that it is indeed a peacock motif, and is good to go as a tattoo as well.