Mehandi for Beginners

An ardent fan of mehandi? Are you just flipping over countless mehandi designs and looking out for the specialist to do the art on your hand? Or are you keen on drawing out the best of mehandi motifs for others and want to be a specialist yourself? Becoming a mehandi art designer is simple, provided you take the efforts and start! And when you have mastered the art, the dream is yours.

Beginners mehandi designs on, offers you with the simplest mehandi designs available. For starters and beginners in mehandi art, these sample patterns could be your guide. Start off with simple designs and the basics, with step by step techniques, you can soon become an expert in complicated mehandi designs. The mehandi patterns for beginners will provide you with basic motifs that can be practised easily. Simple versions of the peacock, paisleys, flowers, leaves, tendrils and other motifs, will help you sketch together a mehandi pattern for a palm full!
As a tip for starters, pick any one simple pattern. Sketch it on a piece of paper using a pencil. Now, over this outline sketch out the pattern using a mehandi cone. You could try the same design a couple of times until you feel confident of finger grip control. Try to replicate the design over another piece of paper, without the pencil outline. Pick one focal outline for your pattern (a flower, paisley, heart or anything simple), draw simple designs within this larger outline and fill it up. Once you are done, proceed to cover the hand with similar smaller repeated patterns. Easy designs for the hand is a great first step! Choose the ones you are most comfortable with. When your finger grip has gotten better, the next step is to find the most patient hand to test your skills. Take a look at the patterns on Mehandi for Beginners section to kickstart, and… All the best!