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A breathtaking melange of tradition and modern henna patterns in our Latest Mehandi Designs collection. Take a walk through the best contemporary mehandi designs for today’s generation filled with creativity and innovation.

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Innovation and creativity have no end, especially in art. Mehandi being one among the ancient art forms has continued to live through several decades of creativity. And today’s latest mehandi designs, is all about keeping it simple, yet attractive. With minimalistic patterns, mehandi designs have changed to be appealing to today’s woman. To the point, and conveying what is to be conveyed.

Mehandi art these days, like always has not been strictly for the festive season alone. Women appreciate its beauty all around the year. Even non-festive days are equally good to try out some latest mehandi patterns. The recent trend is, limiting the design as much as possible. With a modernistic view, women are eager to try out mehandi patterns with one single point of focus, and with a lot of negative space that complements the attractiveness of the focal design.

Mehandi design on the fingertips alone and the variation of leaving the fingertips blank are also the other ways to keep the palm free, yet busy with beauty. Patterns that twist around the arm, run delicately across the palm, fill one-half of the hand, henna designs that experiment with all the shapes and sizes, patterns with different geometric centres, etc. Name the idea, and it suits the palm perfectly!

The best part is, mehandi art can fulfill any length of your imagination. The trendy designs are built to be more of a jewel on the lady’s hand, rather than just a red colored hand art. Simple, easy to achieve, perfection and creative to the wildest extent- this is precisely what you will find in our collection of latest mehandi designs. Find the one, that describes you the best.