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Kids Mehandi

Encourage a child’s passion for henna with our unique and specially chosen Kids Mehandi Designs. These mehandi patterns are simple, elegant and attractive, sure enough, to kindle your child’s heart and still custom designed to look beautiful on little hands.

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  • 226-kids-mehandi-pattern-for-hand
  • 219-arabic-mehandi-for-children
  • 211-kids-_-beginners-henna-design
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  • 209-kids-mehandi-for-back-hand
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  • 203-mehandi-pattern-for-kid
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  • 95-hand-kids-mehandi

The most fascinated looks that a hand spread with mehandi receives is from children (apart from eager brides). Children are thrilled at the idea of mehandi designs, for the pure fun of admiring the designs drawn on their hands and feet with cool henna. the time they spent waiting for the henna to dry so that they can quickly scrap off the dried henna and finally get to see the orange hue mehandi design.

Mehandi during festivals and occasions, never go without meeting a child’s hand. Apart from the regular designs, lately, there are several creative mehandi designs for kids. Simple floral henna patterns, small designs, easy Arabic designs for kids especially, creative ideas with butterflies, bees and peacocks, and the list goes on! Anything that the child admires the most can be recreated as a mehandi design.

Designer mehandi styles with glitters, colored mehandi, mehandi with sparkles, stones, stickers and crystals are the latest trendy attractive mehandi patterns for children, to best suit them during festive celebrations or special occasions. There are also several simple versions of the famous peacock design that can be done on for children. Below are few examples of simple mehandi patterns for children.