Floral Mehandi Designs

Floral Mehandi

Enhance the beauty of your palms with the henna fragrance and ever loved Floral Mehandi Designs. Our floral collection has specifically chosen intricate floral mehandi patterns, simple floral mehandi designs and more to suit every occasion.

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Flowers are an undeniable beauty everywhere. The delicacy and elegance they emanate are a beauty to behold. The fresh scent of mehandi and the ancient body art expresses the beauty within flowers in its detailed designing.

The mehandi cone has made intricate designing simple. No matter what you want to sketch using mehandi, it comes with ease. And so goes with flowers, recalling the ‘n’ number of patterns that can be created under floral mehandi.

Floral mehandi comes in all shapes and sizes (and in all flowers as well, some even when they don’t exist). Imagination is the key here, a flower can be built around a circle as a base (in the case of the mandala), using a diamond as a base, a peacock’s feathers could be sketched using flowers, an entire Arabic mehandi design can be done with flowers, etc.

Floral designs are the easiest ones to achieve in mehandi (and not so much if you are looking at complicated mehandi art). Shaded petals, blank petals, large petals with detailed work, small shadowed flowers, large open flowers, flower buds, pods, and anything more! Name the fauna, you can replicate it. Small and large leaves around the flowers are included in complex Rajastani and marwari mehandi to add more pattern to make the hand full.

Floral mehandi is also the best choice to retain the old in the new, in essence, to bring in the older ideas of mehandi into the latest and trendy mehandi art, floral henna art can work wonders. The mehandi art below is a classic example of sketching the contemporary modern floral mehandi design.