Tattoo Mehandi Designs

Tattoo have been in trend always. Permanent and temporary tattoos are the most famous and ancient body art. The motifs are many here. Names, shapes, designs, animal motifs, fauna motifs, etc. Mehandi tattoo is the latest trend now, for those who aren’t convinced to get a permanent tattoo. And this is the best way to achieve a temporary body tattoo that is pain-free and economical.

A single motif that is sketched selectively is a mehandi tattoo, as simple as that. For a peacock fan, a large peacock on the shoulder or arm drawn using a mehandi cone is the best mehandi tattoo. The tattoo culture has also moved to minimalism. A small pattern at the tip of the finger or just one toe is good enough to be called mehandi tattoo. Tattoos with mehandi are the most comfortable option for those who would like to sport both the traditional and modern world. Kids and children who would like to have their hands filled with mehandi would also settle down quickly when it is a favourite flower as a mehandi tattoo.