Rajasthani Mehandi Designs

Rajastani Mehandi Designs

A creative reflection of Rajastani culture and tradition on mehandi art in our Rajastani Mehandi Designs. The detailed henna patterns are unique and meticulously sketched to create mehandi designs that are filled with elegance and artistic delight.

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Mehandi art became popular in India after the extensive use of mehandi certain communities; most importantly, the Rajputana Rajastani and the Marwari. The significance they lay upon mehandi as an integral part in all auspicious occasions made mehandi famous among others as well. Karwa Chauk, Diwali, Ganesh Chaturthi, are few among the most celebrated occasions where mehandi is a must have for the Rajastani community.

The Rajastani mehandi design is the most complicated one. This pattern makes extensive use of small and detailed flowers, leaves, paisleys, mesh works on hearts, square and other shapes, etc. The patterns extend up to the full length of the arm. Half arm length or even palm length mehandi patterns in Rajastani design is filled with an intense amount of work. Perfection is a key feature here because detail matters. A good mehandi cone with the right cut at the opening is a must to achieve the designs.

The henna design on both hands is also sketched in a way where they are mirror images of each other. A split mandala or tikka split floral or heart shaped patterns are classic examples of mirror images. When the two hands are brought together, that gives the beautiful view of the complete mehandi art done. It requires a lot of patience and time to get the best Rajastani mehandi. Repeated patterns which are done to fill the negative spaces on the hands are indeed testing.

Rajastani mehandi patterns done on the feet are also complex, exposing very little of the skin. The idea here is to give a complete look by filling the hand with perfect and systematically placed motifs. However, the richness in a hand filled with mehandi is no doubt a beauty to behold.